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  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:


    On Saturday, June 3, 2017, the American College of Orgonomy is offering a Half-Day Introductory Laboratory Course at the ACO Campus in Princeton, N.J. from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Dr. Dee Apple, director of the course, shares some insights about this unique opportunity to learn about the science of orgonomy.

    Why did the ACO decide to offer a new Half-day Introductory Laboratory course this year?

    Dr. Apple: „The idea originated out of the success of the Lab Open House the ACO held last spring. It was a fun day for everyone, and there was a lot of interest expressed in the lab course. We decided to offer a half-day course this time to reach out and offer an opportunity to people eager to learn about the science of orgonomy. This is something new, a bit of an experiment in itself for the ACO, and as we have put things together we are excited about how it is taking shape.

    We hope to see some new students along with long-time students and ACO supporters who want another chance to experience the lab course. It’s a great opportunity for people to get a taste of what we have to offer and hopefully be hungry for more. We also have a few students coming who have already taken the longer course that we offer and are excited to get into the lab again not just for a refresher, but because they genuinely enjoyed the lab experience the first time.“

    How were you able to condense so much into just a half day course?

    Dr. Apple: „When we conduct our full two to four day lab course, we frequently stress the importance of observations and perceptions and not just making assumptions about things or jumping to conclusions. So, our half-day lab course, like all our lab courses, concentrates on the importance of hands-on experience and experiential learning without the more cognitive lecture components of the more extensive course.

    We also decided to give the students advance online access to materials from lectures and readings so that they will be coming to the course already prepped and primed to learn. One other outcome has been that the College has now created a very attractive and useful web page for students, which will work well for future lab courses as well. Rather than hearing lectures during this lab course, the students will be more focused on observing, seeing, feeling and experiencing – making real contact with – the experiments and demonstrations during the lab course.

    They’re going to be looking into microscopes; seeing how Wilhelm Reich discovered bions; experiencing the Reich Blood Test; observing the energetic atmosphere and learning to use the DOR Index to quantify their observations. Students will see firsthand how an orgone energy accumulator is constructed, and will experience the accumulator for themselves. They will also observe Reich’s important To-T experiment, a „bombshell in physics,“ and observe and use the electroscope, which Reich considered a most sensitive tool to changes in orgone energy and weather conditions.
    We still have a few spaces available, so I encourage anyone who has an interest in – or curiosity about – the science of orgonomy to apply!“

  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Schönes Photo der Orgonenergie-Hülle der Erde:

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